Cornerstone Architects, Inc.
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“Good Design, Careful Planning, 
                        and Open Communication”

Cornerstone Architects, Inc. is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. With good design, careful planning, and open communication we bring together the resources needed to bring your project to completion, on time and on budget. We don’t just design, we also manage the construction.

We are architects who like to get our hands dirty. We want our customers to work with us and take pride in seeing a project from inception to fruition. We stand by our customers from the initial concept to the first cornerstone laid, and we are still standing behind them for the ribbon cutting and champagne reception.

We are proud of our work. This is why we are in the business.

MA Lic. #6559           NH Lic. #1662           NCARB #67586        ME Lic #3803        Rhode Island Lic #3790        Conn Lic #ARI0012214